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by Exmark on February 22, 2010, under Products

Hi, everyone. Tom Vachal here, principal design engineer for Exmark.

At Exmark, we’re constantly coming up with new ways of making our products even better, whether it’s through improving features on our already popular mowers or introducing new models that meet the specific needs of landscape pros. We just can’t help ourselves. For the past 18 months, I’ve had the pleasure of helping create the Commercial 21 and Commercial 21 Advantage Series – two new additions to our walk-behind line and a prime example of our obsession with delivering the very best to our customers.

Here are just a few of the features we’ve incorporated into the new Commercial 21 line:

  • Durable front height adjusters that eliminate the need for “pivot-style” adjusters
  • Single point rear height adjustment for quick changes
  • Easy on and off bag design that eliminates the need for levers and doors
  • New 5”-deep die-cast aluminum cutting deck for a precise Exmark cut
  • A choice of commercial-grade Honda & Kawasaki engines
  • 60 percent fewer parts

The Commercial 21s are available now. It’s definitely worth a trip to your local Exmark dealer.

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  • amber

    I am an Exmark dealer and I love the new 21 inch. I think it is going to be a hot seller this year. All my comercial guys are giving great feedback on the changes. They are most pleased with the new price tag. Thanks for listening.

  • Exmark Expert

    Thanks for the feedback, Amber. It’s great to hear from the folks working directly with those using the product – keep us posted as you hear more and let us know if you need anything!

  • Greg Kohlwes

    I am trying out the new 21″ commercial bbc and it seems to bag much better than my existing honda’s, but I am curious about the long term durablity and ease of repair. Can you give me some feedback on that? Also, I would love to see what you have been receiving as feedback from other Landscape Companies who have been using them.

  • Exmark Expert

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for your comment. The Commercial 21 is relatively new still, but so far the feedback has been pretty positive. We’ve included two posts for you below.

    I have used this mower on several lawns this spring. It seems to be very well designed, simple and durable. The bagging performance is awesome. I checked the parts pricing and was impressed with how reasonable they are. I believe that this mower a has great potential, I am not a huge fan of the clutch since it is like the Toro design that holds the blade on with nuts instead of bolts. I would go with the AS. – lawnsite.com

    wow literally everything Ex mark makes looks soooo cool even a little push mower looks cool now its got a sick air filtration system belt drivin blade a kawasaki engine really what more could anyone want on a push mower maybe rims?? that it this thing is soo cool. – YouTube.com

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any more questions or if you’d like to speak with one of our Experts regarding the 21.

  • rosco jenkins

    i purchased a commercial 21, bitterly dissapointed to say the least. Yes this is a great bagging machine but most pushmowers do bag wheel even the cheaper ones. Mulching is poor , and exmark tells me the grass is weter than normal, funny I live in Ky and we are 6 inches behind on average rainfall. Ive been using the deck set at a 1/4 inch pitch as stated in the manual.Enigine rpms are also set to spec. Cannot cut more than a 10 by 10 area without the machine vibrating horidly and clogging up even in bone dry grass. Exmark please give me a refund or replace my machine with a metro 21.

  • Exmark Expert

    Hi Rosco, thanks for your comment and feedback on the Commercial 21. We’d like to have someone from customer service contact you to discuss the problems with your unit. We work hard to make sure every unit out there is top-of-the-line and would like to hear more about how we can help to resolve this situation.

  • shane

    I have to say the new commercial 21 is a great machine. However i have experienced problems with mulching as wheel as the belt that propels the machine. I have been in contact with customer service , i have to say those guys are great and eager to tackle problems. Makes me alot more comfortable with possible exmark purchases in the future. Customer service is what makes a great company.

  • Bob Zielinski

    Exmark I bought the commercial 21 after much research on April 10, 2010. I have an acre lot with lots of trees and the mower cut well and handled the hills great. My third time out with 5 hours on the mower the belt for the self propelling feature came off and shut the mower off as it tangled in the blade. I’m a bit frustrated as I never paid as much for a walk behind as I did for this mower and to have this happen so quick has me concerned. I will be taking it to the dealer to get a new belt and hopefully it just wasn’t installed correctly. I’ll keep you posted but a little frustrated as all I heard and read was what a great mower.

  • Bob Zielinski

    I posted the message above om 5-6-2010. My mower is still at D&G equipment in Howell MI. They told me their is a recal on te 21 exmark as it throws the belt. I was told several customers are experiencing the issue. They are waiting on the upgrade parts from exmark, best estimate is end of the week 5-22-2010. I paid $800 for a mower that worked 3 times and now I have 8 inches of grass in the front and 12 in the back as the mower broke before I could get the back cut. Appreciate helping D&G out as I will be paying for a lawn service to cut the grass.

  • Exmark Expert

    Hi there – would you mind sending your contact information (phone/e-mail) to exmarkpr@exmark.com? We’d like to have someone get in touch with you on this issue! Thank you!

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