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by Exmark on February 22, 2010, under Products

Hi, everyone. Tom Vachal here, principal design engineer for Exmark.

At Exmark, we’re constantly coming up with new ways of making our products even better, whether it’s through improving features on our already popular mowers or introducing new models that meet the specific needs of landscape pros. We just can’t help ourselves. For the past 18 months, I’ve had the pleasure of helping create the Commercial 21 and Commercial 21 Advantage Series – two new additions to our walk-behind line and a prime example of our obsession with delivering the very best to our customers.

Here are just a few of the features we’ve incorporated into the new Commercial 21 line:

  • Durable front height adjusters that eliminate the need for “pivot-style” adjusters
  • Single point rear height adjustment for quick changes
  • Easy on and off bag design that eliminates the need for levers and doors
  • New 5”-deep die-cast aluminum cutting deck for a precise Exmark cut
  • A choice of commercial-grade Honda & Kawasaki engines
  • 60 percent fewer parts

The Commercial 21s are available now. It’s definitely worth a trip to your local Exmark dealer.

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  • AL

    I’m thinking to buy a new 21 commercial lawn mower, I been looking Honda hrc 21 and Exmark with kawasaki engine 21s series self propelled, I guess the Exmark has more power because is what I’m looking for I’m right? but I read on comments some issues with Exmark, mulching, broken cables, transmssion belts.

  • Exmark

    Yes, the Exmark S-Series would have 179cc displacement engine which does produce a little more power than product you referenced in your post.

    The issues related to mulching, broken cables and transmission belts were all resolved early in the 2009 model year, so any new product you are looking at purchasing will not be affected by these issues.

  • Jim Kavish

    I have the exmark commercial 21 with Kawsaki motor. Bagging is very good. Mulching is extremely poor. I have the blade recommended by support (116-4500) for mulching which helped a little, but my $300 mower beats this one for mowing. If it had side discharge it would be a good mower. I would not recommend this mower for anyone as their primary mower. I’m consdiering selling or trading which is unfortunate since I just picked this one up last year. It is built very well and could be a good mower, but without side discharge and poor mulching it is almost useless. I find myself doing 1/2 row overlaps just to get by.

  • melvin provance

    hello i purchased a 21 inch commercial mower after having my toro commercial mower stolen off a job site.ive had a toro for 5 years before it was stolen nothing ever went wrong with it.ive had a honda non commercial mower for five years nothing wrong with it.Same with a john deere mower.I paid $950.00 for a exmark commercial and the first day it would not run when cutting on the carb side,the door chute has broken already many times with me fixing it many times,the reason why im writing to you is that i think that you should do something for me as you can see i dont beleive that an exmark ranks anywhere near the other mowers that ive purchased for my wifes company,for that being a promo model i think it has felled miserably and will not purchase another exmark and def will send the message to other people wanting ti purchase or even looking at a mower.def would like for you to contact me at 412-853-7611 thank you very much for your time.

  • Exmark

    We are sorry to hear you are having issues with your mower. Someone from Exmark will be contacting you soon to discuss.

  • William


    My commercial Lawnboy was crushed by huricane Sandy. I was looking into replacing it with an eXmark . I have a budget of $800+ a bit for a good walk behind. Any ideas? I was looking forward to seeing good reviews but its not looking good!!!

  • Exmark

    First, we are sorry to hear you were affected by hurricane Sandy. All those hit by this tragic storm are in our thoughts. Please check with your local dealer for an accurate price for the 21″ that would best serve your needs as well as to set up a demonstration if you are interested.

  • Teamworks

    I have been using Honda commercial lawnmowers for years, great machines minor problems besides they could be faster. It’s time to invest in a few more lawnmowers and I have demoed the Exmark commercials a few times in the past year and contemplating on buy a few. I find they are faster ( whether they will slow down like the Honda commercials in time I don’t know) I find the wheels make a huge difference on the comfort of the machine as well. but I find the ex mark surges a lot . I have talked to a rep of Exmark here in the Lower Mainland of BC in regards to this and he told me he has heard that before from other landscapers and will look into it, is there a fix to this without myself or others ruining the warranty?

    Thank you

  • Bob Shull

    I bought the Exmark 21 commercial (ASKA) and have had NOTHING but trouble. I bought it because i have been a long term Exmark commercial mower and thought this would give me some stability with a push mower. I have had it in for repairs several times but the dealer never had a real answer for the repair and it always came back. I talked to an Exmark tech in the Corporate Service department and he told me it was a Kawasaki issue and specificaly a failure in the engine brake pivot that wasnt allowing the contacts to come apart. I sent it back to the dealer and they couldnt figure it out.
    HELP! I need this $700plus mower to work!

  • Jagmohan Khosla

    Just running in to let you know you have a brand new fan!
    Reading one post on your site made me hooked without delay.
    Really, you are great!

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