The Pioneer Series

by Exmark on January 12, 2011, under Exmark Information, Products

A few weeks ago, we announced a brand new addition to the Exmark line-up — the new Exmark Pioneer Series. These mowers offer the same great performance and quality of cut that you’re used to with an Exmark.  Here are the details on the new series:

Pioneer S-Series

Pioneer S-Series

Pioneer S-Series

Pioneer S-Series is equipped with full-floating 44”, 48” or 52” Trivantage cutting technology and 20, 22 or 24 hp Kawasaki® V-Twin engines for speeds of up to 8 mph forward and 5 mph reverse. The mower’s hydraulically dampened steering system offers true zero-turn radius maneuverability and its unibody, heavy-duty tubular steel frame provides a solid platform. The Pioneer S-Series also includes 22 x 9.5 – 12 Turf Master® drive tires for optimum traction.

Pioneer E-Series

Pioneer E-Series

Pioneer E-Series

The Pioneer E-Series features a full-floating 48” or 52” Trivantage cutting deck. Power comes from 22 or 24 hp Kawasaki® V-Twin engines for drive speeds of up to 7 mph forward and 5 mph reverse on 20 x 8.0 – 10.0 Turf Master® tires.

What do you think of the new Pioneer series? Let us know in a comment below.

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  • Carl Mott

    I recently purchased a Pioneer S-Series mower with the 52″ Trivantage cutting deck and the 23 HP Kohler engine. I had the dealer install non-pneumatic tires on the front of the machine prior to it being delivered. I have a mere 5 hrs. mowing experience operating the machine; however, I can truthfully say that I feel one with the machine while operating it. I am hoping that the engineers at Exmark will make an effort to move the choke and throttle levers to the control arm assemblies (perhaps in a twist and turn configuration of some sort or another) as well as the other basic functions, leaving the opportunity for a duel fuel tank upgrade. As it stands right now, in my opinion, the 7 gallon fuel tank in less than adequate for a mower of this high a caliber. In closing, the Exmark team have certainly created a highly proficient pony (Pioneer E & S-Series) to their stable of elite horses.

  • Exmark

    Thank you for your comments. We will forward your suggestion to our Product Development Team.

  • Mike Hoover

    I have a Pioneer s-series with the 52″ deck as well. I have had it about a year and I have now busted the deck belt and the hydraulic drive belt (at different times). The deck belt part number and diagram was well documented in the manual and a cinch to change. The hydraulic belt is a different story. No diagram that I can find in the manual or online and getting the part number correct was also a hassle. I love the mower, but wish the manual was a bit more helpful to the average homeowner who wishes to do his own maintenance. Also agree with the other comment regarding the tank. I often wish it held more than 7 gallons.

  • John Daly

    I have an eXmark Pioneer S-series 60″. It has 11 hours on it. I mow 3 of my 5.2 acres with it and it does a fantastic job and is soo quick. My local dealer was extremely helpful and is full of advice. I would like to ask you guys a question though… I have a big problem with hickory nuts and shells on my large lawn. They are impossible to rake them all and they blunt my blades. I can hear them cracking against the underside of my deck. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem? Thanks for your time.

  • Brian Duvall

    this mower is crap. paying in the mid $5k for a mower that has blow-out in front and being told I would need to shell out more $$ for a baffle kit that might solve the problem is rediculous.

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