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Giving Back

by Daryn Walters on July 14, 2010, under Exmark Information

Our community in Beatrice, NE is nothing short of amazing. We love being here. Working here. And for the majority of us, living here. It’s more of a family than a community. And as with any family, pitching in and helping out is the responsibility of every member. One of the ways we stay involved in our community is through the Exmark Community Giving Back Program. Recently, we made a $20,000 donation to Main Street Beatrice, specifically for the beautification of downtown Beatrice’s Charles Park. This helped Main Street Beatrice install a Toro irrigation system and benches throughout Charles Park. A portion of the money was used toward the park’s various operation expenses.

Now that the days are warm, you can see families out enjoying the park. That’s what it’s all about for us – not the media write-ups or pats on the back or name recognition, but giving members of our family a nice outdoor environment where they can catch up and spend time together.

Donating money is only one way of giving back to your community. If you want to donate and money isn’t an option, think about donating your time and your machines to help beautify your town. Just imagine what your local park would look like if you had a chance to cut it. A simple phone call or two to your local city office or parks and recreations office can get the ball rolling.

We’d love to hear how you give back to your community. Leave a comment below.

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It’s Tax Time!

by Daryn Walters on April 08, 2010, under Business Tips

It’s April, which means you can basically count on two things: rain and taxes. Both affect your business, but one comes with some major headaches. You can probably guess which one. We’ve compiled some current tax tips that will help minimize the confusion and, hopefully, do away with the headaches.

  1. 1. There are new rules for business losses, so take advantage of them if you can. Decide whether you want to carryback or carryforward net profit losses.
  2. 2. Depreciation is not a dirty word. Section 179 allows for immediate deductions of certain fixed assets and a 50 percent bonus depreciation for new assets. A word to the wise: a current deduction is better than a deferred one.
  3. 3. Know the rules in your state. Each state has its own filing requirements and is very strict in enforcing them. Read up on your state’s rules and if you’re required to file in another state, know their policies as well.
  4. 4. Extensions happen. Since you can report taxes close to the deadline, expect extensions to happen to your business and individual returns. And don’t worry—if you file for an extension, it doesn’t mean you’ll be targeted for closer examination by the tax man.
  5. 5. Switch things around. This would be a good year to accelerate income and defer expenses. Though it’s the opposite of what you’re used to doing, it could help minimize taxes through a different account method.
  6. 6. Wishful thinking. Unfortunately for small businesses, taxes will be going up. You can take certain steps to minimize taxes now and in future years when rates go up. Of course, each state is different.
  7. 7. Don’t throw it out. Good record-keeping can save you a lot of time, money and hassle. Copies of business tax returns, licenses, incorporation papers and capital equipment expenses should be kept indefinitely. As for tax-related documents like expense receipts, client 1099 forms and vehicle mileage logs, they should be kept for a minimum of seven years.
  8. 8. When all else fails, pick up the phone. If you have any questions, you can call 800-829-4933. It’s a trouble-shooting hotline set up by the IRS specifically for small business, corporations, partnerships and trusts.
  9. 9. Tick tock. When it comes to doing your taxes, the best thing to do is not procrastinate. Getting a head start means you’ll have more time to work out any problems that may come up.

Hope this information is useful and will help to keep you on your Exmark rather than in the office doing paperwork. Now go fill out those tax forms, if you haven’t already.

Note: Exmark Manufacturing are not tax experts. For specific tax related tips, you will want to contact and leverage your tax consultant.

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by Daryn Walters on January 11, 2010, under Industry News

Last fall, a handful of Exmark representatives were in Louisville, Ken., at GIE+EXPO, the largest tradeshow for the industry. While there, we unveiled our next generation of mowers. These four units complement Exmark’s already impressive lineup of professional-grade mowers, some of which have been enhanced for 2010 themselves.

Throughout the next few posts, Exmark representatives will take you through each of our new units. I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on what’s next from Exmark.

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Welcome to “What’s Next”

by Daryn Walters on January 05, 2010, under Exmark Information

Hi everyone. My name is Daryn Walters, and I’m the Director of Marketing at Exmark. Welcome to our new Exmark blog, “What’s Next.”

I wanted to take a minute and tell you why we’ve chosen to create this blog. Since opening for business nearly three decades ago, Exmark has enjoyed an ongoing dialogue with you, our customers and prospective customers.  And I can’t overstate just how valuable your feedback has been to us. It’s your advice and insight that help us to enhance and even develop new service offerings and products.  As we move forward, we hope this blog can serve as another way for Exmark to connect with you and collect your thoughts so that we can serve you better.

We’ll also use this blog to provide you with helpful and interesting information. For example, you’re going to see posts about service reminders and maintenance tips from our very own Exmark experts – some of whom have worked in this industry for more than 25 years. They will cover everything from simple tasks, such as blade sharpening, to more advanced techniques, such as leveling your deck.

In addition, you will see occasional posts about company news and other items of interest, such as product updates. If there are other things you would like to hear about, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thanks for visiting “What’s Next.” We hope you check back often, and wish you a happy, healthy 2010.

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